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Rules, Regs and Rotten Eggs (2007)

ISBN: 0312375336
Available from Alison & Busby or Amazon

Detective Superintendent Harriet Martens resolves to resign after the new Assistant Chief Constable at the head of the CID makes her feel inferior in her job. However, her thoughts of resignation are abruptly interrupted when the pro-hunting politician Robert Roughouse suspiciously collapses during one of his vehement speeches at an antihunting demonstration. Sensing that someone has deliberately attempted to murder Roughouse, and seeing an opportunity to prove her worth to the ACC, Detective Martens determinately takes charge of the investigation.


One Man and His Bomb (2006)

ISBN: 0312349882
Available from Alison & Busby or Amazon

Detective Superintendent Harriet Martens takes great pride in her twin sons, who decided to follow in her footsteps by joining the police force in London. She is devastated one night when she learns that one of her sons has been killed by a terrorist bomb and that the other is in the hospital, gravely injured. In the wake of the bomb outrage, every available police officer is occupied with antiterrorist precautions. Harriet, on the other hand, finds herself investigating the theft of a herbicide specimen from a Birchester research station. The stolen sample is capable of causing more destruction than any single bomb. Harriet must work in secrecy, all the while fighting off her overwhelming grief and unceasing fears. All but alone in a deceptive world where people aren’t quite what they seem, she has to become, once again, the Hard Detective. H.R.F. Keating, a living legend in the crime fiction world, delivers another stellar mystery featuring this fascinating and unstoppable sleuth.


A Detective at Death’s Door (2004)

ISBN: 1405048069

In her most traumatic case yet, Harriet Martens finds herself placed in grave danger at the hands of a deft and cunning poisoner. Whilst relaxing with her husband at the Majestic pool one hot August Bank Holiday, Harriet does not expect the refreshing glass of Campari soda at her side to conceal a deadly drug. When she awakes from a doze she is no longer by the water, but in a hospital bed recovering from a near fatal dose of Aconitine. As Harriet makes her slow recovery, she tries to come to terms with the terrible fact that someone wanted to kill her. Even more difficult for her to face is the knowledge that she must find the person responsible, if anything for her own peace of mind. But no sooner has she mustered enough energy to begin making tentative enquiries and initial investigations, than the poisoner strikes again. And this time he is successful… Will Harriet have the strength of mind and body to find the murderer before he finds another victim and before the local population begin to panic?


The Dreaming Detective (2003)

Summoned to the office of her new Chief Constable, Harriet Martens does not expect to be greeted with the words ‘Who killed the preacher?’, and entrusted with an unsolved case dating back to the 1960s. The Imperial Hotel, scene of the brutal murder of the Boy Preacher over thirty years ago, is about to be demolished, and the Chief wants Harriet to take one last look at the scene. Seven people had waited outside the ballroom where the Boy Preacher was to begin his sermon, shortly before he was found brutally strangled. Now, with the use of DNA, the suspects clothes are to be scientifically examined. The Chief Constable is intending to close this case once and for all. As she waits for the DNA results, Harriet decides to interview the suspects and make her own mind up about the Boy’s killer. However the case is not as simple as she expects, and the DNA results do not tally with Harriet’s own mounting suspicions. Soon the case is taking over her life and invading her sleep and the Hard Detective begins to worry that this time, she will not be able to give the Chief the answers he wants…


A Detective Under Fire (2002)

The final part of the trilogy featuring DCI Harriet Martens, following THE HARD DETECTIVE and DETECTIVE IN LOVE. Detective Superintendent Harriet Martens has experienced many things in her career. Nicknamed the ‘Hard Detective’ for her tough apporach to crime, she has also found herself in the throes of love with a fellow officer. But never before has she had to fight so hard to prove her worth as now. For Harriet’s attention is focused not on the criminal fraternity at large, but on the very guardians against crime. She has been asked to head an inquiry into the prestigious Maximum Crimes Squad, which has been accused of corruption. And it is down to Harriet to uncover the truth, however unpopular it might make her…


A Detective in Love (2001)

DCI Harriet Martens is nicknamed the Hard Detective. But for Harriet, love proves more dangerous than many of her cases… Britain’s number one tennis star, the beautiful Bubbles Xingara, has been murdered in the grounds of her luxurious house. Harriet is now in charge of a case that will have the world’s media – already massing for the start of Wimbledon – out in force. But it is not the investigation that is about to explode Harriet’s life. Nor the string of murder suspects. For it seems that the Hard Detective has fallen madly and passionately in love with a fellow officer.


The Hard Detective (2000)

Detective Chief Inspector Harriet Martens has had to make it in a man’s world. After all, it was this toughness that inspired her successful Stop the Rot campaign, that has so provoked local criminals. But now two of her officers have died within hours of each other and Harriet believes both have been murdered.